2 Oz Plastic Cups: Information On Plastic Tea Cups For Tea Party

Youngsters are noted for being clumsy and are likely to break all sorts of things they can grab. Well, as they say, they are only kids and they really don’t know what they are doing so we can’t actually blame them. However there’s one remedy, why not use an unbreakable plastic cups? Or even better, disposable plastic cups, just like the one normally used in small businesses like fast food chain and coffee shops. Unlike porcelain ceramic tea cups, plastic has flexible properties and they are tough, it’s not going to easily crack simply by dropping it on the floor, so it is perfectly safe for children and toddlers to drink from.

You can actually get them in various vibrant colors and design that young children will definitely appreciate. There are two kinds of plastic tea cups, one is reusable and the other one is the throw-away or disposable type. Reusable plastic cups have a thick body and normally dishwasher safe and can easily fit on the top rack of common dishwashers. Use it to serve fresh milk and frosty fresh fruit beverages for your young children.

In case they drop it, the only thing will happen is possibly a few scratches which can be easily camouflaged if you own a textured plastic cup. For serving kids special event you might want to consider the customized plastic cups, you can, in fact, customized them and attach some text or the name of the celebrant. You can even insert some custom logo if you want, use it as a giveaway party gift to make it unforgettable. If you purchase a custom made plastic cup, a sticker with text and graphics design is already bundled, you can use it to enhance the plastic cup.

The other type of plastic cup that you can use for your child’s blowout is the throw-away or throw away plastic cups. Unlike reusable plastic cups, it has thin walls, and only good for single use. The good thing about it is the fact that, after your visitors are done drinking with it, they can just simply put them away to the waste can. No need to do the dreaded task of cleaning them, which means, you can perform other important job and rest early. They are best for preparing cold refreshments such as fruit juice, soda, fruit shake and more.

Also you can choose personalised presents.

You can as well use them to offer warm drinks, but not all plastic cups are intended for use in hot liquids, most of the time they are not. So if you plan to use them for hot drinks make sure you verify the specification first to prevent it from melting or deforming and burn the user. These cups are also affordable, so they are ideally suited for occasions with a lot of people attending. You can acquire them even cheaper if you get them in larger quantity or wholesale.

Disposable plastic cups are not only good for children’s celebration but you can also use them for all kinds of special event, or if you are going for a picnic at the park or if you are having a bar-b-que party with your buddies in your backyard. You can also use them in emergency cases where there’s no supply of water to wash your dishes. Use it together with similar plastic utensils like a plastic plate, spoon, and fork.

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