A new leather sofa? It’s easier than you thought!

Leather furniture has won the hearts of many customers.  A lot of people choose it because leather furniture doesn’t collect dust and pet hair; it’s easy to clean.  In addition, unlike synthetic materials and wool, leather doesn’t electrify clothes.  A high-quality leather sofa is able to serve the owners for decades.  But no matter how good the leather is, sooner or later scuffs will appear on your furniture.  And here you need good leather paint!

Pay attention to the great product called Leather Dye by Angelus.  It is a liquid colourant agent that changes leather color.  Leather dye is different from regular leather paints, it can be dissolved in water and used in combination with a chemical agent.  You can use this leather dye for various leather products.

Using this dye is very easy.  Of course, you will get the correct result only if certain conditions are met.  The surface on which the dye is applied must be dry and well cleaned.  Use a preparer or deglazer liquid to make the paint better fix on the surface.  Depending on the dye used, a small amount of water may also help you.  When applying several layers of dye, be sure to wait until the previous one is completely dry.  Use scotch tape in order not to paint something superfluous.

A huge palette of more than 150 colors will allow you to choose exactly the dye that you need. You can choose blue, green, rose, white or black leather dye according to your desire. By the way, you can use the dye not only to restore your old furniture.  Are you doing repairs and the color of your leather sofa doesn’t harmonize with other things in the room?  Just repaint the sofa with Angelus Leather Dye!

Now in order to get some new leather furniture, it is not necessary to go to the furniture store.  The leather dye will help you give a second life to your favorite sofa. don’t hesitate to try!

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