Best Clothes to Wear While Gardening

Garden clothes do not aim to be strict, as in the office, or pretentious, as for going to a noisy party. Well, it should not be stretched and faded either. Nature does not tolerate such disharmony. First, it is worth paying attention to the functionality of clothes while gardening. The headdress is designed to protect from wind, rain, sun and even insects; shoes – from dirt, water, sand and accidental injuries. The gardener often treats garden clothes carelessly, sooner or later it is necessary to think about this. After all, what does gardening involve? There is dust, dirt, and all kinds of pesticides, chemicals. You don’t want to damage your skin or get an infection, do you?

garden clothes should be of a closed type
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The most important point is that garden clothes should be of a closed type. Thus, additional safety measures are provided against harmful environmental influences that interfere with the work of insects and so on. Of course, you always want to wear something light to soak up the sun in hot weather, combining business with pleasure. But even special garden clothing sets can boast of certain functionality that can facilitate your work, the most common type of workwear in the garden is a jumpsuit. Connecting the upper part and trousers, this copy can rightfully be called the most reliable and convenient to use due to its device. When purchasing a jumpsuit, it is recommended to pay attention to the composition, because work clothes, made of natural fabrics are the best option, they do not cause allergies and overheating, allowing the body to breathe freely. Be careful not to fall for a production fake.

Sun protection

Sun protection
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It is worth making a small footnote about personal protective equipment against direct sunlight during gardening. In addition to the above-mentioned overalls, sunglasses can go, as well as panama hats, hats and caps to cover the head. One should not be irresponsible about this moment, because during the daytime the sun is especially aggressive, so long-term work in the garden should be accompanied by all necessary means for safety. However, the summer weather is unpredictable, like a woman’s whim. The bright sun is replaced by clouds, the heat recedes before a cool rain or a brash wind. In this case, you should not have an old, moth-eaten sweater, but an elegant cardigan or pullover in its simplicity. Light windbreakers or insulated parkas will protect from the wind and rain.

Do not ignore the garden shoes. Worn-out ballet flats and sneakers are sent to where they should have been for a long time. In their place the strong and comfortable shoes with thick soles, loafers, loafers or the so-called shoes of yachtsmen are appeared. Many UK gardeners do not imagine garden works without rubber boots. Urban fashionistas are happy to wear them in the metropolis. But their main purpose is to protect from water during country walks and gardening. Today, traditional rubber boots have undergone significant changes: they have become lighter, elegant, bright, and have an acquired and small heel.

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