Black Russian Terrier Puppy for Your Family: Basic Rules of the Upbringing

The upbringing of a young blackie begins from the first day he appears in your home. Do not put off this process, as the growth of the dog is sometimes faster than you would like.

The changes that happen to him at the age of about two months – parting with the familiar environment, mother, brothers and sisters – are stressful, so make every effort so that the young black terrier, entering your home and family, feels comfortable there. The mental health of black Russian terrier puppies largely depends on the very first days of his stay in a new environment, meeting new people, on the warmth of the atmosphere where he will live for many years. Your task at this time is to be close to the puppy, to support and calm him, if necessary.

The main rule

The main rule in raising black terriers – dogs that are quite stubborn and self-willed – is a constant return to action and praise from “your” person. If this is done correctly, then the most severe and effective punishment for bad deeds and habits will not be physical suggestion, but the absence of praise.

The dog will quickly learn to recognize the tone of your voice, the expression on your face when you praise him and when you scold him: a sharp “No” will make the puppy run away from the table leg, which he just chewed with pleasure. An enthusiastic, almost sung “Good” will make him happy when he does his “little deed” on the street, and not at home, on the carpet. It is very important that praise or rebuke follow immediately after the action.

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Praise and punishment

Be sure to achieve the command, do not break this rule if you want the dog, having matured, to obey you at any time and in any situation. Praise and reward the puppy with a treat if he has followed your order correctly. Do not raise your voice and do not shout – the blackie’s hearing is much sharper than yours, and if the dog “does not hear” – this is a consequence of your mistakes. Give commands without irritation and anger, always in a firm, calm and confident voice.

Do not resort to corporal punishment unnecessarily. Do not take out anger or bad mood on the dog – blackies have a good memory. And although a slap or light spanking, which the owner can afford in relation to a puppy caught at the scene of a “crime”, is not at all excluded, and sometimes even useful, do not turn it into a beating. Punishment – moral or physical – should be deserved and immediate, only then the blackie will take it to his dog’s attention and draw the necessary conclusions.

Constant and unfair punishments can accumulate and result in very unpleasant surprises – at best, you will lose the affection and respect of the black terrier, at worst – he will subsequently punish you himself. For a blackie endowed with considerable self-esteem, undeserved punishment is a real insult.

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