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Is attractiveness of the front door an important aspect?

Entrance doors must meet strict criteria of reliability and durability, must ensure a high level of security and also prevent…

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Gardening as an element of art in English home

Floriculture and horticulture occupy a huge place in the life of the Englishman, largely due to their desire to better…

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Features of the traditional English tea Party

The classic way of a peaceful and relaxing time over a cup of tea has always been a traditional English…

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The Harrogate Autumn Flower Show 2017

The Harrogate Autumn Flower Show is the largest exhibition in the UK, which is entirely devoted to floral design, landscape…

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Cozy home on a ship: an example of excellent use of small space

Long and narrow barge is not such a simple object for work of the designer, especially if it is intended…

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How to turn a garage into a residential building?

Today, interior designers and landscapers can amaze anyone with their imagination and ingenuity. After all, they have the power to…

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