Coffee machine at home: how to choose this wonderful device

Our modern pace of life does not allow to sit still, so people prefer to drink a cup of coffee for recharging. This delicious aromatic invigorating drink allows you to wake up and gives activity at the beginning and middle of a working day.

Barley coffee

Everyone chooses the kind of coffee he likes most. Malzkaffee becomes now the most popular one. Before the appearance of coffee without caffeine, barley drink was the only alternative for those who are contraindicated caffeine for health. The substitute is made from a fried barley, often mixed with other cereals and chicory.

The color and consistency of barley coffee is very similar to the natural product. The foam size will depend on the method of preparation – in the espresso machine it turns out a more dense and lush cream than when brewing. So, it’s better to make it in a coffee machine, but how to choose it? Die besten 5 Kaffeemaschinen mit Timer im Vergleich will help you.

The power of a device

The higher the power of the device, the faster the unit will make you a drink. But remember, if the coffee machine makes coffee very quickly, it may not be so strong, since the decent rate of brewing does not give a ground coffee to reveal its taste.

What additional options do modern coffee machines have?

  • Adjusting the degree of grinding. Practically in all advanced models it becomes possible to choose a degree of grain coffee grinding.
  • Beverage temperature. You can choose the resulting warm coffee drink, hot and the most burning one.
  • In many models, you can choose the drink strength, which is very convenient, because some users love the most robust coffee and drink it repeatedly over the whole day, while others prefer less strong one.


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