Cozy home on a ship: an example of excellent use of small space

Long and narrow barge is not such a simple object for work of the designer, especially if it is intended for housing. The founder of the London design company Bert & May Lee Thornley, who decorated the barge for his own use, felt the difficulty of such an experiment himself. The dimensions of the barge 14.5 x 3.5 meters, and the designer tried to place everything he needs in this space: living room, bedroom, small kitchen and bathroom. However, his goal was not to clutter the space but to make some semblance of a bright studio apartment. One of the advantages of the barge and perhaps the most favorite place of the owner of the apartment is a terrace that goes all around the roof of the vessel. There is nothing superfluous: only few pots with plants and sunbeds, from where it is convenient to observe the street and the river. The floor of the terrace is lined with century-old tiles from Italy and Spain.

Thornley used quiet natural black-white-gray palette inside, and a maximum of natural materials: wood, linen and leather. All of these fill the room with air despite the fact that the furniture is enough there. There is also a place for guests sleepover— a full double bed hidden in the wall and needs to fold. Storage space scattered around the entrance to the barge deck. There are a lot of closed boxes (including in the stairs), but there are open shelves that visually enlarge the space. The feeling of airiness is achieved by large number of windows on the walls and huge window on the ceiling. There are arranged heated floors, however, Thornley set a small stove in addition; the owner doesn’t like TV and prefer to watch on the fire. Kitchen facilities were allocated on quite small space along the wall, but it has everything one needs, including the oven.

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In a small bedroom there is everything necessary for the comfort of the owner: a large double bed, small bedside shelves and storage system in front of the bed, which, though is not embedded in the wall, but looks as natural extension of it due to the use of the same materials.

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