Fireplace — as the element of cozy decor

Fireplace is a striking and stylish object for modern home or apartment, which can be fitted into almost any interior, adding brightness and making a powerful accent in any space. Once trying to have a rest in front of the fireplace, to sense the movement of its flame, to feel complete relaxation from the effects of its fervent spark, it will be clear that further enjoyment won’t be full without fireplace. Especially the wide distribution of the fireplaces was received in England, which was associated not only with climate but also with the relative cheapness of coal. If in any other European country people prefer to spend evenings outside the home, the British enjoy gathering in the living room near the fireplace, discussing the most important events of the day. Before each fireplace was equipped with a separate chimney, so in many traditional homes in England even today one can see a lot of chimneys of various shapes and heights.

A room with a high ceiling is a perfect placement for the fireplace; for example in the living room — a space, which can enhance the acoustic enjoyment during the noise of the crackling of the fire. But if an apartment is small, but it has a cozy bedroom, then the fireplace is able to fit cute, which is perfect for romantic mood.

Probably the most natural decor for zone at the fireplace was and remains logs. Neatly chopped firewood, cleaned from dust and dirt, can be put in a special niche near the fireplace, the furnace, if the fireplace is not in a working condition. If desired, it is possible to use decorative branches for the same purpose. Candles, as another source of heat and light, also look very organically with a fireplace. They can be placed in several pieces, arranging in beautiful candle holders. Some may use free-standing candles, and if to achieve a striking effect the candles can be arranged in blocks of 20 or more pieces. It is advisable to use candlelight if not the same, but at least from the same collection, similar in color and shape.

For those, who appreciate a pleasant and relaxing pastime in his family, such a decorative element like a fireplace, will be a stunning place, where family will be able to gather and spend an unforgettable warm and soulful evening.

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