How to Choose a Modern Off-Road Mode of Transport?

Off road electric scooter has high power, load capacity and cross-country ability. It is not complicated to select one. Learn below at what you should first pay attention to.

How does an off-road scooter functions?

This mean of transport does not have suspension blocks and assemblies. Its main share of weight falls on the frame and battery. The secondary part falls on the wheels, handle bar and engine. The battery is usually located under the soundboard, in rare cases it is mounted on the steering column. The wheels are perfect for cross-country area.

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Characteristics of off-road scooters

  • Frame material. Aluminum is very popular, durable and lightweight, does not rust. Steel – has a heavier weight, but is stronger than aluminum. Magnesium alloy is an expensive material that has high strength and light weight.
  • Wheels are big for off-road electric scooters. Due to their large diameter, transport becomes more stable. The stiffness of the wheels has different markings. The larger the mass of transport is, the higher the stiffness should be.
  • Bearings are divided into classes. There are five classes (1,3,5,7,9), the higher it is, the higher the production accuracy, the better the durability, the longer the period of use and the higher the price. Brakes are not only foot brakes, but also combined (foot and manual).
  • Clearance. The comfort of movement also depends on the size of the clearance. If the clearance is small, during the trip it will begin to touch the ground. This will lead to breakdowns that will have to be fixed.
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iSinwheel experts advise not to buy too heavy models for those who live in a multi-apartment building and do not have the opportunity to park vehicles at home. If a person plans to ride far out of city, while getting to the place by public transport, they need to consider a folding and lightweight scooter model.

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