How to Choose a Sauna and How to Steam Properly

If you are a fan of bath rest, then the answers to the questions: how to choose a sauna and how to steam properly should be approximately known to you. Perhaps you have been introduced to this type of leisure since childhood, perhaps – at a more mature age, but it is unlikely that you have thought about the fact that in some cases active bath rest is not only the cause of health, but also the result of its presence.

Russian banya

The Russian bathhouse is located between Finnish and Turkish in terms of its impact on the human body. It is characterized by average humidity and temperature, contrasting procedures and active pastime.

russian banya
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In London, you can go to GoBanya Bath House (Sauna). It is one of the famous and best places. Russian cuisine dishes and drinks can be selected in the menu for a full atmosphere, as well as to get acquainted with other mandatory attributes of the Russian banya. This bathhouse is loved for its loyalty to traditions, high-quality steam, massage and service.

The bathhouse is small, so it’s worth booking a visit to it in advance. This can be done on the

In a Russian bath, steam is light, and the main action usually takes place in the steam room, and not in the dressing room, as in a Finnish sauna. The time spent in these rooms is also different: you can stay in the Russian steam room for 15-20 minutes at a time, and 5-10 minutes is enough to rest in the dressing room.

two persons in the sauna
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Universal rules

  • Do not visit the sauna for patients with fever, especially with viral diseases;
  • Do not go to the steam room alone;
  • When going to the sauna, have personal hygiene items, slippers, a towel, a hat with you;
  • Visit the sauna in the afternoon, so that later there was an opportunity to relax;
  • Do not go to the banya or sauna immediately after a hearty lunch, or vice versa – hungry;
  • Do not steam under the influence of alcohol.

These simple rules will help you enjoy your vacation.

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