How to find a good cleaner?

How often do we come across moments when, returning from work, we see a pile of unwashed dishes, a layer of dust on the table and dirty floors. There is no time for cleaning, and we really want to live in a clean house! There is a way out – to hire cleaners in London. How to choose a cleaning lady for your house?

The easiest and most proven way is to look for a cleaner through your friends. So you can not only find a person with recommendations, but also see the cleaning result with your own eyes. If you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your friends, ask the contacts of the cleaner.

Questions that will help you understand the professionalism of the cleaner: What detergents does she use? How is cleaning done? How long has she been cleaning? How long does the cleaning take?

If your friends don’t have a good cleaning lady, you should look for her on the Internet. In the profile of a particular cleaner, you can read the reviews of other customers and choose the one that suits you best.

At some sites, cleaners can upload a portfolio with photos before and after cleaning in their profile. This information will be especially useful for those who are looking for a person who can clean complex surfaces with high quality.

Verified cleaners can be found in a cleaning company at the end of tenancy cleaners, as they are checked upon hiring and their activities are monitored. It is not profitable for a company to work with dishonest, non-executive, inept employees. The reputation of the company is above the interests of the individual employee.

A good cleaner should have a full suitcase with the necessary cleaning supplies and materials. Different products are suitable for different types of surfaces. The cleaning lady must understand their composition and the effect on certain materials.

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