How to Open the Door if it Slammed?

Everyone at least once in their life has faced a situation when you are standing near an apartment, but you can’t get inside. And if forgotten keys are a problem that can be solved by waiting for the rest of the family to come home, then a broken lock is a much more serious situation.

How to open the door without assistance?

If you are facing a problem for the first time and do not know how to open the door if it slammed, keep in mind that there may be two possible events, depending on which door is out of order. If we are talking about an entrance door, this is a difficult case, since external locks are more complex and it is not always possible to solve the problem without the help of a locksmith clapham.

person repairing the door
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But if the interior door slammed shut, consider yourself lucky and you got off with a slight fright. The fact is that almost always interior doors are equipped with a rotary handle with a tongue mechanism, and it is this tongue that first fails.

Answering the question of what to do if the door slammed shut, locksmiths advise pressing the lock handle all the way down, trying to remove the lock tongue into the niche as much as possible and push the door with a sharp movement.

Is it necessary to call professionals

If your front door, not the interior door, has slammed shut, and you have no idea how your lock works, do not try to disassemble it.

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If you have never disassembled locks and have not seen how others do it, it is better to call a locksmith, call a company that provides lock repair services or, in extreme cases, contact a more experienced neighbor.

Do not forget that when solving the problem of how to open the front door, if it is slammed, many forget that it is not enough to open the door – then it will need to be closed somehow. If you unscrew or finally break an already broken lock, it will be impossible to do this.

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