How to Reduce Road Noise in the Garden

Every year the number of vehicles on our roads is growing. Even where there were no special problems with noise from cars before. In the private sector, this is becoming a problem. Willy-nilly, you think about the fact that you need not an ordinary, but a sound blocker.

Types of sound-proof fences

Types of sound-proof fences
Image by MabelAmber from Pixabay

There are two methods of dealing with sound waves — absorption and reflection. If we talk about fences, they also have noise absorbing and reflecting it. Absorbing ones are more effective — an expensive pleasure. Cheaper reflectors, but they provide only basic protection, not guaranteeing silence at all. After all, the sounds don’t go away. They just reflect and go the other way. But having found a similar obstacle, they can “return”. Yes, they will lose power, but only a little. Nevertheless, there are several techniques that allow you to achieve good results even with reflective fences.

Noise reflection for fences

Noise-reflecting fences are made of materials with a high reflection coefficient of sound waves. These are brick, concrete, monolithic polycarbonate or plexiglass. It cannot be said that such a fence will be very effective in protecting a shed or plot from noise. At the proper height, it will slightly reduce the sound level, but you should not hope for a significant decrease.

Noise absorption

Noise absorption
Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

The noise-absorbing fence has other properties. It dampens the power of sound by absorbing its energy. This is a more effective of sound proofing, but also more expensive method to implement. Panels that consist of several layers with different characteristics or fibrous materials are used.

The idea is that sound waves, falling into a loose, porous material, are repeatedly reflected. With each reflection, part of the energy is lost. At the output, we get a significant decrease in the sound level. This is if we talk about how fibrous materials work. When using soundproof panels, the level drop also occurs when passing through several layers of materials with different characteristics.

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