How to stop foxes digging in your garden?

If you have a private house or a private plot on which you grow different crops, a fox can visit you. These cunning animals are capable of attacking pets such as cats or rabbits, undermining burrows under buildings and fences. The activity of this animal can bring you a lot of troubles and problems.

How to prevent the appearance of a fox

How to prevent the appearance of a fox
Image by catmarguerite from Pixabay

Despite the fact that this animal is considered very smart and cunning, a person can save him from intending to visit your territory. In addition, there is a danger of catching rabies from a fox when meeting it, or it can infect your pets with this disease. To prevent its occurrence, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not accumulate food waste and various garbage on the territory of your site. Foxes are very fond of rummaging through garbage cans in search of food, regardless of the answer to the question “what do foxes eat”.
  • Place your garbage in containers with tightly closed lids. It is better if they are made of metal, since plastic buckets or bags are easily torn by foxes.
  • Store fertilizers in a separate designated place and special containers inaccessible to the animal.
  • Do not use fish bones or small animals as fertilizer. The fox will definitely smell them and will dig holes in search of bones.
  • Lock your pets for the night in separate rooms without the possibility of entering them from the outside. Foxes can injure or kill small dogs or cats, as well as infect them with rabies. At night, these animals become especially aggressive and active.
  • A good way to scare off a fox and drive it away from your territory is a cloth or wood that is impregnated with a repellent.
foxes will not appear in your garden
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Adhere to these rules and use a deterrent, then foxes will not appear in your garden.

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