How to Stop Puppy Eating Stones in Garden

Everyone in childhood was very curious, puppies are no exception. Due to their early age, they tend to chew everything, including sticks and stones. Sometimes they swallow part of their prey, it’s not very good, but there’s nothing to worry about. However, if the dog eat stones, sticks on a regular basis, then any owner will have questions.

Why does a puppy do this and how to stop it

Why does a puppy do this and how to stop it
Image by Yvonne Huijbens from Pixabay

If you see that your puppy is eating sticks or stones, then there is no need to panic. Its actions may be caused by simple childish curiosity. They are new to him, both in appearance and taste. That’s how it gets to know the world, don’t worry. Small stones will come out of the body naturally, but if this happens often, then you can teach it the command “leave it”.

However, this is not always caused by curiosity. It happens that a puppy uses inedible things due to a lack of vitamin. If they feel their shortage, they begin to gnaw cement, earth. In this case, it is worth consulting with a doctor in the UK and teaching your puppy to “drop it”.

teaching your puppy
Image by Petra from Pixabay

There are also cases of unintentional ingestion. This can happen during the game. The puppy could leave his toy on the ground, and it could be covered with pebbles, dust and earth. Make sure that the pet does not have sore gums, and the rest is worth putting up with.

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