Important Moment of International Marriage in the UK

International marriages have been known since time immemorial. Still, if such unions were earlier the prerogative of the upper class, now the Internet has helped this phenomenon become widespread. People communicate, make friends and even fall in love through the worldwide network. When virtual relationships become real, you still have to remember about immigration law.

A frivolous attitude to this issue can lead to serious problems and a long breakup.


The UK marriage visa is issued for exactly one purpose – to tie the knot. In fact, this is a regular visitor visa and it has nothing to do with immigration to the UK. For example, it is needed if the newly-weds want to get married on the shores of Albion and stay there for their honeymoon.

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By and large, this type of visa is intended for partners who are not British citizens – that is, for foreigners. Of course, it can also be obtained if you are going to marry a British citizen, but it will be much more difficult to do this, since you will have to prove that you will not stay in the country after the wedding.

The validity period of this visa to England is 6 months. After that, you will have to leave the United Kingdom, even if the marriage was concluded with a Briton. Of course, you cannot work, study, or engage in commercial activities using this visa.

What is required of the groom?

An important point without which the marriage visa to England will not be given is the groom’s income level – he needs to show an annual income of at least £18,600. The exact list of documents to be attached to the UK visa appeal depends on the source of income.

Another point that visa officers pay attention to is the housing issue. It can be a man’s property, rented accommodation or even a hotel paid for the entire stay.

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What will be required of the bride?

The applicant is expected to have at least a minimum knowledge of English: A1 level (beginner or elementary) will be enough. Your knowledge will need to be confirmed by the results of an exam passed at a certified centre. In addition, it is necessary to take a tuberculosis test at an authorized centre indicated on the official website of the Home Office.

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