New in the UK: Fitness at Home

At a time when remote work is becoming more and more popular – home training is also becoming more and more popular. Streaming platforms are gaining popularity on the fitness market, thanks to which you can exercise at home – not alone but with a trainer!

What is Fit at Home?

It is the largest on-demand training platform in the UK. Thanks to this solution, you can practice in front of the TV whenever you want. The platform is at your disposal 24/7 and you can choose from over 500 different trainings.

It is a very interesting alternative to going to the gym. The truth is that in the case of fitness (cardio), unlike typical strength sports, most exercises can be done without problems at home. Therefore, exercising in front of the TV is a very interesting idea that you should consider.

What is an interesting functionality is the reminder service, thanks to which you will never forget about training. Just enter your phone number to get a reminder from your personal trainer when it’s time for your fitness training.

You can use Fit at Home on a Smart TV (eg Samsung, LG or Philips). You can also use Fit at home on your smartphone, tablet or app.

Is it worth using Fit at Home?

Fit at Home is an interesting solution for people who want to lose weight. 2-3 workouts a week are enough to lose weight, improve your body shape and well-being. If you are looking for motivation to train at home, Fit at Home is a solution worth considering. Trainings are conducted by professional personal trainers. In addition, the large variety of training offered allows you to adjust the type of training to your abilities and goals. You can adjust the intensity and type of training to your preferences.

Besides, it is remarkable that you can train with a personal trainer at any time of the day or night. First of all, you decide when you want to train yourself, which is very convenient and comfortable, especially for people who do not have much time. Secondly, you do not waste time traveling to the fitness club. 

Among all these advantages, the most important factor is the motivational factor. SMS reminders make you remember about your training more often and make you feel more motivated.

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