Potty Training Boys

In any family, a mother teaches her children, both boys, and girls, the proper ways of using the toilet. Normally it is observed that girls pick up faster than the boys since the role model in the training happen to be a lady. Another reason for the boys to be slow in proper usage of the toilet is that they have to learn it both by sitting as well as standing. We will discuss some points on how to train the boys for properly using the toilet. Tips for potty training of boys:

Little boys normally tend to have a bowel movement and urinate at the same time. Hence it is always better to teach small boys to use the pot sitting to avoid a catastrophe in the bathroom.

Balancing may be a problem for the little boys who have just started walking and so is a problem in peeing in the standing position. If it is insisted on him, he may bump into the pot. So until he gets balanced in walking and running, it is better to train him to pee while sitting.

If it is felt that the little boy is able to balance himself and can urinate while standing without causing a mess in the bathroom, his sibling can teach him to urinate in the standing position. He takes pride in being able to imitate his sibling. Also, the little boy considers it an achievement in being able to pee perfectly inside the pot. So he deserves a compliment.

For the training to be successful, care has to be taken that the toilet lid is properly fixed and it is not coming down while the little boys aim inside the pot, which may cause uncleanliness in the bathroom which may discourage the junior to pee inside the bowl. He has to be taught other things like flushing the bowl after finishing his job; replace the lid and wash his hands.

Without these, the training is not complete. A stool of suitable height may be necessary if the bowl happens to be a little higher than the little boy to keep the bathroom clean. One of the elders in the house has to make sure that the little boy is perfect in all these things before it can be considered that the little boy is well trained.

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