Preparing for the move: important tips

There are no secret courses on how to organize transfers. And we will not even hide the fact that you need to prepare for it at least a month in advance. Nevertheless, having in your hands a clear plan of action, time and energy, you can make the move a pleasant event, and housewarming is a real holiday – with champagne and olives, and not with a sedative and ointment for a sore back.

The organization of the apartment move begins a month before the move. Here it is like with a wedding: you spend money, nerves, time – and all for the sake of one day, at the end of which you will exhale and say: “Finally!”. And in order for the impressions of such a holiday to be positive, you need to properly prepare.

What you need to do a month before moving? Throw out all the trash, hire best removals in the UK, sort things and start to pack them, make a good cleaning of your new apartment.

Throw out all the trash and sell excess furniture and things. Over the years, the house is always overgrown with things, many of which are no longer needed. Sewing machines, old household appliances, books, clothes that are no longer of value to you may be useful to someone else. If you decide to sell, set minimum prices so that things will go apart in a month. Otherwise, you will have to carry it all to the trash on the day of the move, or even worse – drag it to a new apartment.

Terminate contracts with service companies so that you do not receive bills for the Internet, telephone or utilities that you no longer use.

Choose a moving date and place an order with cheapest removals in the UK. If you forget this, then ordering a car and movers day after day is unlikely to work, so choose the exact day and stick to this plan.

Sort things and start packing everything. Divide everything into two groups: things that will not be needed in the near future, and essentials (toothbrushes, slippers, a minimum of clothes). Pack everything from the first group in the appropriate boxes. There are probably a couple of things here that you think about: “Do I need this?” Feel free to throw it away. As Mari Kondo said, if a thing does not make you happy, then why is it needed.

If you already have access to a new apartment, then it is better to go there and do a general cleaning. Don’t want to clean everything yourself? Then order a cleaner, but be sure to clean the new house in order to move into a clean apartment and enjoy the housewarming, and not run around with a rag, jumping over sofas.

Wash the curtains, vacuum the carpets in advance – believe us, in the first days in a new place you will definitely not be up to it.

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