Reducing costs for laundry: How to save money and energy

In those days, things are expensive. Are economically costly, time-wise and the environment, and therefore we are looking for ways we can cut and reduce costs by looking at the house. Clothing is an area where a few simple changes can make a big difference, but simple, these are changes that many do not know. Here’s a guide to money and energy can be saved with the washing machine!


The classification of darkness instead of your target by the method of “all-in-picture” is actually a way to save money, but not sufficient, because it requires both counts. The fact is that the clothes, often with bleeding colors and dyes, which fade into each set, after which they wash them or by another, or they go for a change of clothes freshly washed, each effort and the money.

Machine wash cold

Many people are skeptical of the wash cold. They believe that clean clothes and wash with hot water as it was in fact proven time and again that the cold wash will suffice. Wash your clothes in cold water saves a lot of money on energy costs, which could possibly happen to a little “more to play in the pocket!

Soap powder

Although the back of the box recommend detergents can, a tablespoon of all, try just half. Why have misled the producer on the amount you need to use? Easy. He runs faster, and then back to the supermarket to buy another box. Try it and you will be surprised (and dare I say impressed) with the results


Although the machine can do all sorts of signs and flashing lights, cannot perform miracles. Dumping a load of mud, grass-stained clothes and emerge full of sand in the machine and hope pristine as the day you bought is just too big for your machine. Pre-soaking soiled or dirty clothes in a bucket of hot water in advance to solve the debris and clean the first layer, making it much easier for the machine to do its work.

Check classification

When you buy a washing machine if the yield. This tells how effective it is, and the selection of the highest evaluation of the efficiency not only save on energy costs to save the environment against potential damage

As refrigerators, dishwashers and central heating, there are always ways to use our equipment to save energy and money. To see the application of simple tips for using the washing machine on a clear difference in energy and financial products.

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