Teach Your Child To Make Friends

It is easy for a toddler to be expressive at home. He is surrounded by the love and acceptance of his parents and feels secure. However, the situation changes as he grows up.

In school, his peer group and his friends become important to him. Some children are naturally shy and quiet. They withdraw at this time and it is important to draw them out and help them relate to their peers to build up their self-respect.

Children do not know the art of socializing and it is not easy for all of them. Some children are introverts and have to be taught how to socialize and build relationships. Good friends can enrich their lives and you would not want them to miss out on this opportunity. If your child is an introvert, with a little care and attention, you can help them open up and learn social skills.

Causes of Shyness

Some children are very shy and find it hard to make friends. They would love to play with other children but since they lack social skills, they simply do not know how to join in. The child may have behavioral problems such as extreme aggressiveness, attention difficulties or extreme shyness. This creates a barrier between the child and the other children, and so he may lack friends.

The child may be autistic. In this case, he will need special care and treatment. Children these days do not interact easily because they are used to spending time alone in front of the TV or with their gaming consoles. This lack of social activity leads to difficulty in making friends.

Some children lack the opportunity to make friends. They may not be living in neighborhoods that have many children of their own age. It is a competitive world and some children have schedules that keep them very busy. They have sports, dance, and hobbies, leaving them with no time to interact with other children.

Tips to help your child overcome shyness

Get involved with your child’s activities. This will make the child feel safer since you are watching him. He will become confident and more outgoing. There are many clubs and societies that organize social activities. Some schools also organize such functions. Become members of such clubs and get your child to participate in these activities.

Make friends with parents who have children of the same age as your child. It will help your child overcome his shyness if he sees you interacting with the parents of other children. It will also increase your circle of friends.

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