Teaching Children To Swim

Teaching a child how to swim can be fun for both the adult and the child. There is nothing a child loves more than splashing in the water and it is an excellent exercise.

It will build up their strength and endurance, and once your child is proficient he will love to spend leisure time with you in the water.

If you spend a small amount of time instructing the child, and encourage him with love and patience, the child will grow to love this sport and will soon be swimming like a pro.

You will first have to teach the child to overcome the fear of water, but to be comfortable in it. If the child is small, hold him firmly against the side of the swimming pool and instruct him to kick the water. An older child can use a kickboard.

Has the child blown bubbles by submerging his face in the water? This teaches him how to breathe underwater and keep his nose dry. Once you are sure he can blow bubbles, teach him how to hold his breath by pushing his head into the water, gently but firmly.

Show him how to breathe while swimming, by turning his head to one side or raising it above the water. Support the child with your hands around his waist or chest. Instruct him to copy your strokes. Once you think he can do it, allow him to swim a little. Do not release him but keep supporting him while he swims. Let him know that you are always there to support and hold him.

Soon your child will be confident enough to swim without support. Let him swim small distances while you keep a close watch. Gradually allow him to increase the distance between the two of you. Once he is proficient, let him do it alone.

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