Top 5 best interior design shops in London

There are few cities, which can be proud of such a huge number of stores and atelier of interior and design. These are 5 best design stores of interior in London.

  1. West Elm

  West Elm, which is placed on the main historic avenue of London, Tottenham Court Road, is more than just a store of furniture and items for home. It’s a magical experience to visit this store and, in addition, they propose excellent coffee. West Elm has 2 floors and over hundred and ten sq. m. area. The range is perfect. Despite the store, customers can visit the Design Laboratory. There everyone has a possibility to get exclusive tips from the stylists.

  1. Atelier Abigail Ahern

Atelier Abigail Ahern — it is extraordinary, elegant and very English in its uniqueness. The Queen of interior Abigail Ahern manages this store, which is known for her unusual relation to design, with violation of all regulations of decor and a special love for dark walls. She is also extremely popular among Austrians. Some time before was a talk about the widening of brand store in the capital of Australia, and for sure Ahern will fulfill it.

  1. The London design Museum

It is a lovely little Museum, which is dedicated to design in all its forms: architecture, furniture, fashion, graphics, product and digital technology. The Museum systematically holds impressive exhibitions. Everyone has a chance to enter the nice cafeteria and Fab Shop without paying the entrance fee and not visiting the Museum itself.

  1. The Boundary Hotel

In search of a cuisine visitors can go to one of the several restaurants of Sir Terence Conran, which is situated at Boundary, in the center of Shoreditch. This construction was altered many times in the past years, and in 2008 started to work in an official way. The boutique is found its place inside of a hotel, as well as the building has a marvelous garden on the roof.

  1. Liberty London Shop

It is one more another very famous store in London and around the Earth. It can immediately be recognized by the black and white facade. Known at the time as “one of the leading stores for creative and eclectic design”, it has been functioning in London for more than 40 years. The store offers textile, home decor, handbags, designer clothing etc. Fans of interiors can go directly to the upper floor for perfect furniture, carpets and lighting. The store is truly beautiful and possesses a rich history.

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