What is sound diagnostics and why is it needed?

For any expectant mother, pregnancy is a very joyful, but at the same time exciting and responsible period, which requires special monitoring.  That is why mothers often resort to Private Ultrasound Scan Cardiff.

What it is?

Let’s start with the fact that ultrasound allows you to reliably assess the course of pregnancy, to determine the sex of the unborn child. Ultrasound is a diagnostic method that is used to assess almost all systems and organs of a person. This is the most popular, simple and informative method of research and diagnosis, as well as assessment of the dynamics of treatment.  And modern technologies that are used in its conduct allow an expert level ultrasound examination, to obtain a three-dimensional color image of a child, his movements, and also helps in the diagnosis of some developmental anomalies. It is absolutely harmless for both mom and baby. Ultrasound of the fetus during pregnancy can be done an unlimited number of times, but it is necessary to clearly understand the goals and objectives of each study. There must be medical indications for an ultrasound scan of the fetus.

 Benefits of ultrasound diagnostics

 * Lack of radiation, safety, including for pregnant women, children

 * Possibility of multiple reuse

 * Painlessness of the research procedure

 * Efficiency of the diagnostic procedure

 * Fast receipt of research results

 * High information content

 * Ability to diagnose diseases at an early stage

 Types of images of ultrasound diagnostics

 * 2D – two-dimensional image – the most common type of ultrasound. The mode shows the anatomical structure as in a cross-sectional tomography

 * 3D – ultrasound, which allows you to get a three-dimensional image that displays a three-dimensional image.

 * 4D – shows a three-dimensional image also in time.

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