What to Do if You Can’t Open the Door

To protect the premises from the entry of strangers, a locking device is installed. Modern systems are reliable and easy to use. Sometimes they have problems. One of the relevant ones is the impossibility of opening, as the lock is jammed. It is important to understand what to do if the key does not turn in the door lock. You can try to fix the situation yourself, but sometimes it’s worth contacting Locksmith Warfield RG42.

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Jammed bolt

If the front door does not open because the bolt is jammed, you should use a knife, an old plastic card or an aluminum ruler. Another hard thin object will do. If the bolt is jammed, it is necessary to act extremely carefully so as not to damage it. A rigid object should be inserted between the door leaf and the frame. There is a bolt there. Start gently and slowly. The object must enter deep enough to hook the farthest part of the product. Next, push the bolt out of the hole. You have to apply a little force. As a rule, pulling out the bolt always comes out. But, if such actions did not help open the locking mechanism, you need to call the specialist.

lock on the table
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Jammed door lock, what to do

There are many cases when the lock on the door jammed and the locking mechanism broke, but not everyone knows what to do. If the lock is broken, you should not apply excessive force to the iron door leaf, because if the mechanism is broken, it will not be possible to open it, the problem will only get worse. If the larva or lever system fails, special tools and specialist help will be required. After all, you have to dismantle the entire device.

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