Why are Door Handles in England are Not on the Side, but in the Middle?

Door handles are a thing so familiar and ordinary that it seems more or less similar to its fellows everywhere and located in the same place.

Still, the British managed to distinguish themselves here: door handles in this country for some reason are very different from the tacitly accepted standard. Such a feature is not able to surprise an experienced locksmith Battersea. However, let`s figure out.

english door
Photo by Alexander Tsang on Unsplash

Historical reason

The true reason for such a strange localization of the lock is explained, as scientists believe, quite simply: such a design was conceived for the convenience of reach people back in the days when almost every wealthy person had servants.

Opening the door by the handle located in its center, the servant could completely fit behind the door, and before passing through the door, he no longer moved.

Security issue

The position of the lock also changed. If locksmiths now hide the locking mechanism relatively easily in a small section of the door end, with such a handle, the lock had to be arranged so that it passed through the entire door.

door with rounded handle
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Moreover, the place of locking in this case was not the side jamb, but the upper and lower barrier bars. It was possible to deal with both locks at once with one movement of the hand.

Subsequently, it was from this tradition that the fashion probably went to install a ring with which you could knock, also in the centre of the door.

According to Battersea locksmith, from now on, despite the fact that no one keeps servants anymore, such doors can still be found on new houses. Still there is a little disadvantage: when closing a door with such a handle, often duplicated by a ring for knocking in the same place, you can almost always hear a clap, no matter how hard you try to do everything more carefully.

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