Your cozy house: advantages of wooden floors

A floor covered with wood planks, especially if it is well sanded and varnished, is very beautiful. Perhaps, only parquet floors can be compared with it in its aesthetic qualities. A house with wood floors immediately evokes a feeling of warmth, comfort and harmony. Moreover, this is very important for maintaining a healthy moral and psychological atmosphere in the family. It should be noted that the wooden floor is durable when used properly.

Wood, as already mentioned, is an environmentally friendly, natural material. In addition, it “breathes” well, it maintains gas exchange with the environment. Some types of trees, for example, pine, spruce, larch, due to the increased content of various resins, have bactericidal properties. Therefore, buildings made of such wood do not rot for a long time.

It is not surprising that an increasing number of people at the first opportunity acquire a suburban wooden house. It can be built from a log, a bar. Frame houses are also popular, which can be built in a matter of days.

Many types of wood have a beautiful, pronounced texture. With the help of wood stains, as well as colored varnishes, you can give the wood flooring almost any color shade, including imitating expensive, elite varieties (for example, mahogany, rosewood, etc.). Thus, even a small, modest home will look very beautiful.

Anyone who is in the slightest degree familiar with carpentry and knows how to use tools can lay a wooden floor. However, when building a house, you should still consult with specialists.

Finally, wooden floor retains heat well due to the low thermal conductivity of wood. This somewhat reduces the likelihood of the family becoming ill during the cold season, and helps to save fuel for heating the house.

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