Artificial Grass in the Country

Most often, artificial grass for lawn alternatives is used on tennis courts, volleyball courts, children’s sports, but as an element of landscape design, artificial grass will perform special functions and look great.

Sometimes artificial grass near a country house is perceived by many as something inappropriate. However, in some areas there are places where it is impossible to plant natural grass, for example, on the floor in the greenhouse, near the pool, on the terrace. Often in such places they manage with stone or concrete slabs, however, artificial grass looks lighter and more attractive, plants in flowerpots look more natural on it.

close photo of artificial grass
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass

There is no “plastic” shine, which is achieved by a combination of two colors of synthetic fiber, the field is provided with a natural look. And at the same time, artificial grass for lawn conversion is allowed to operate around the clock without interruption – while it will not be knocked out or trampled. Secondly, artificial grass has high wear and frost resistance, it does not fade, it is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation. Elastic blades of grass always maintain a vertical shape. Such grass does not need watering, trimming, or fertilizers.

It is impossible not to note such a quality as the ability of artificial grass for lawn rejuvenation to pass water. Some types of coatings can pass water in the range of 50-60 liters per minute per square meter.

Pile height, stiffness and glide performance of artificial grass may vary depending on the intended use.

person playing with ball on fake grass
Photo by Ruben Leija on Unsplash

 The coating is made of synthetic material, which means that it does not fade, it can be swept and washed.

Regardless of the purpose of artificial grass, both decorative and special grass should harmoniously fit into the environment and have a beneficial effect on a person.

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