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    Entrance doors must meet strict criteria of reliability and durability, must ensure a high level of security and also prevent unauthorized entry, protecting against gross and intellectual breaking.

    These structures require good thermal insulation properties, ergonomics, convenience and the ability to protect against street noise. In addition, doors should be visually attractive, as they are a visiting card of every house. As a design element, they should fit well into the surrounding interior and be in harmony with the overall style of the building.

    Decorative exterior finish has an aesthetic function and serves as additional protection. First of all, pay attention to the installation location of the door structure. Increased requirements are imposed on the enclosing street systems, because they are in contact with precipitation (snow, rain), are exposed to high and low temperatures, and are also illuminated by ultraviolet rays. Outdoor street facing should provide reliability and good protection against these factors. Front door to the apartment is not exposed to such effects. For a high-quality door made of solid wood, for example, Victorian front door, no additional facing is required, except for coating with paints and varnishes that protect against external atmospheric factors. Metal sheets on Edwardian front door are lined with decorative panels made of wood, plastic, etc. Door structure can be treated with powder paints, which are applied by extrusion technology.

    Completely wooden doors are rarely used, since they do not provide the required level of security and reliability. They find application in elite suburban mansions, various institutions and where there is support for additional security systems.


    Bring brightness to your interior
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    Glitter wall paint brings an element of luxury to the interior. Its structure contains a small amount of shimmering particles sealed in insoluble shells. Glitter coatings dry quickly and are resistant to fading and chemicals. With their help, you can imitate almost any surface, while emphasizing the exclusivity of the environment.

    Glitter paints are resistant to dirt and water, making them ideal for damp or hygienic areas. With their help, it is easy to achieve the effect of pearlescent shine, golden, rainbow or metallic sheen. In the interior, glitter paint is used to highlight an accent wall or part of it.

    You can make your own base by mixing glitter for sale and paint you like. To do this, measure the required amount of sparkles, add them to the coloring composition and mix well by hand. You do not need to use an electric car for this. The first ingredient is not as hard to find as it sounds. You can order shiny particles online. The choice of quantity, size and shape of sequins for decoration depends on the desired effect. Samples in the form of 0.4 mm hexagons are often used. The particles are presented in all colors of the rainbow. In addition, you can find glitter in fashionable shades (fuchsia, azure, holography, gold, silver, copper).

    Decorative paint with color shift glitter of the required color range will freshen the interior and highlight important accents. In the assortment you can find a coating with a pearl effect, holograms, metallic. Silver particles of glitter are in harmony with the cold shades of the environment. Gold and copper sparkles are chosen to achieve a glamorous effect in warm interiors.

    Designers advise experimenting by mixing different types of gloss with a topcoat. This technique will allow you to create original wall compositions.


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