How to turn a garage into a residential building?

Today, interior designers and landscapers can amaze anyone with their imagination and ingenuity. After all, they have the power to alter even the oldest and unmarketable buildings in cozy homes, and even small areas are not restricted in their professional skills.

London architects rebuilt the old garage, which was standing on a difficult site. And now it is a cozy family house with two bedrooms. The land of the Western part of London is very expensive, that’s why the owners of a tiny plot of land on which an old garage stood, wanted to extract some benefit from it, but they didn’t know how to do it. There was an adjacent terraced garden on one side of the plot, and sixteen other same garages on the other side, stretched out in a line. The owners of the site live across the street and bought it, so nobody could build anything on this place. But when the architects of the London Bureau De Rosee Sa offered them to turn the garage into the house, they could not resist.

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The height restriction of this area didn’t allow building the second floor, but the architects found a way out; they placed a private part of the house into the basement. Now there are two spacious bedrooms, in which the light falls through the windows in the ceiling. The natural light of a small house is arranged in a rather cunning way — two of the atrium let daylight hits the internal space. Light is enough in all areas, including a tiny office, inscribed in a nook near the dressing room.

Despite its small size, this house is incredibly simple, and at the same time comfortable, practical and light. There is nothing superfluous that could clutter up a space. All the walls are painted in white color; the borders of the courtyard outline the latticed fence of red cedar used in the interior decoration. The tree makes the house warm in the south way, where the vintage furniture makes it cozy and homely. The owners of the house at once fell in love with new residence and sold their old one to move into a former garage. It is comfortable to live in it.

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