What Lock Should You Choose For The Front Door?

When the question arises about the safety of your own home, the price factor involuntarily recedes into the background. Any locksmith will say that buying a lock, you should be guided by two main criteria. First, it must be a reliable locking device and, second, after installing, it is not easy to enter the house by picking up keys or using a lock pick.

Front Door Lock Selection Tips

According to security experts, the best option is to install cylinder and bit-key locks.

The material of the door leaf and frame must be considered. If the front door is metal, it is better not to put a latch lock. Otherwise, it is likely that the door leaf will have to be removed, for example, if you accidentally slammed the door.

Install more than one lock, even the most reliable one. The best option is two. The peculiarity of the choice is that they should not be from the same manufacturer. Click here to learn more details. It’s all about the manufacturer’s desire to reduce costs of production. Therefore, there are similar systems making it easier to select lock picks and open the door.

For the front door of a country house, choose at least one high-security lock. For buildings within the city, install two simpler security class locks in order to optimize costs.

When choosing a lock, take into account the possibility of making duplicates of keys. There are 3-5 keys in the kit. Keys are often lost. If the key configuration is rather complicated, you will have to dismantle the lock and carry it to the workshop. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the locksmith will make a duplicate so that it will immediately open the door. Do not focus on the unusualness of the key while selecting a latching mechanism.

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