An Electric Scooter for the Whole Family

Almost every family has a car, but not every family has an electric scooter. This thing is very convenient to use: it is compact, it does not need a whole garage, you can ride a scooter for shopping, to work or let the children ride in their free time.

Nuances of the operation

Before purchasing an off road electric scooter, it will be useful to understand a little about the nuances of the operation of engines and the gradation of their capacities.

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An iScooter with an electric motor, on a par with any vehicle, requires attention and timely maintenance. After the purchase, you should carefully study the instructions, and before the first trip, make sure that it works:

  • front and rear brakes are working;
  • the wheels are inflated to the optimum level of pressure, do not have factory defects;
  • the wheel axles are in good order, the central axle, the chain, the steering column has no play;
  • All bolts and nuts are firmly tightened.
  • The final step is to lock the battery with the key and connect the connector to the battery. Pay attention to seat height adjustment.

Additional Attributes

Protective equipment is an important element of rider safety, especially for those who prefer faster technique.

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Gloves are the lightest part of it, which is recommended to be used constantly when traveling, they protect the hands from bumps and chafing.

A helmet protects the head from varying severity: from, at first glance, a harmless tree branch to more serious ones. It is not advisable to neglect this.

Motorcycle jackets or turtlenecks, special shorts, knuckle protection should be purchased by experienced riders who prefer riding at high speeds. This will protect the limbs of the body from unforeseen situations.

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