Advantages of Family Flying in a Private Jet

Why not take a family vacation to Larnaca in a private jet? Of course, it can be more expensive than a regular flight, but nevertheless, the price justifies itself, because ordering such a private jet Larnaca has a number of advantages.

Do private flight passengers have to talk about flight plans and itinerary?

A private jet flight plan is very flexible and is limited only by air traffic. Working with the coordinator in advance will allow you to create the perfect flight plan. You can make a stop or even several stops along the way. You can stop almost anywhere and for any reason and stay at the place of stop from a few hours until you get bored. You can, for example, admire the beautiful views of the Paphos beaches or plunge into the crystal clear waters of the bay of Aphrodite.

You can stay where you want or where you need to for a business meeting, an important event, an exciting shopping experience, a gourmet dinner, an interesting concert or an exciting sporting event. Your charter operator will let you know if the revised plans go beyond your budget.

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Who decides the menu on board a private jet?

The choice of food and drinks during the flight depends solely on the wishes of the client. Most charter operators send extensive menus to passengers in advance.

As a rule, highly qualified specialists are engaged in the rental of private jets, and cooking remains the prerogative of specialized companies. So, for you, they can cook sushi, steak, pizza or burgers, American bagels with smoked salmon, fresh seafood, salads, pasta or gourmet French cuisine. Of course, when cooking, not only taste, but also ethical and religious preferences will be taken into account, for example, a passenger can be served a halal or kosher dish, vegetarian or organic food. As a rule, all this is cooked in restaurants and brought to the plane. If necessary, the dish can be heated on board.

Private jets almost always offer a full bar of snacks and soft drinks. And many passengers may take their favorite drinks with them on the flight: whiskey, beer or, for example, French wines.

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What entertainment can you expect on board a private jet?

Entertainment can also be ordered and agreed in advance. You can ask the operator to prepare certain music, games, books, poker decks, newspapers and magazines, whatever. Your charter operator will have a movie base, and the ship itself will most likely be equipped with a decent-sized TV screen.

Is it easy to stay busy while flying in a private jet?

Modern private liners are equipped with special aviation functions. You can count on a satellite phone and a strong Wi-Fi signal, but of course it’s all worth checking in advance. You can use your mobile phone throughout the flight during private jet rental and stay connected as long as you are not over the ocean.

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