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A laundry basket is an indispensable attribute of the bathroom. In addition to its direct purpose, it can also complement the interior of the room. There are many baskets available, made from different materials, sizes, shapes and designs. You may find some online in SONGMICS HOME. There are some places in the house where a laundry basket comes in handy.


The main purpose of the basket is to store laundry before washing, for example, for several days the clothes accumulates in the laundry storage, and then these things are sent to the washing machine. The basket is usually placed in the bathroom, because that is the place where it is most convenient to accumulate dirty belonings.

baby in clothes basket
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Children’s room

It would seem, why would a child need to collect laundry in his room, because he can carry things to the bathroom. In addition to its first purpose, the basket will be an excellent organizer for children’s toys, textbooks, books or any other favorite things. The basket will help the child quickly learn to put away his things and toys.


You can also place such a basket in the kitchen. For example, in order not to take up space under the sink or in the refrigerator with a huge number of vegetables, they can be stored in a basket.

person holding basket
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All tools, necessary small parts, construction elements can be stored in the basket too. You won’t have to look for the necessary tool for a long time, because if you have a basket, all your things will be at hand. In all cases, storage baskets help maintain cleanliness in the house and order in the rooms. Everyone can find their own purpose for the basket.

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