How to Stop Hedgehogs Pooping in Your Garden

Are you tired of finding hedgehog excrement day after day on a freshly mowed lawn or in a flower bed? How to get rid of an uninvited guest and stop them poo near your country house?

Cute hedgehog can be dangerous

Cute hedgehog can be dangerous
Image by Alexa from Pixabay

No matter how cute and good-natured a UK hedgehog may seem to us, it can carry a danger:

  • A hedgehog, like any other living creature, can take you, your children and pets for enemies. And then he starts to defend himself.
  • Like all animals, a hedgehog can get sick and be a carrier of diseases: ringworm, salmonellosis, leptospirosis. And if the hedgehog also shows aggression, then he can suffer from rabies.
  • An aggressive hedgehog should be carefully escorted away from the site.
  • In addition, fleas and ticks live in hedgehog thorns.

How to get rid of hedgehogs?

If you still do not want hedgehogs to be adjacent to you in the same area, remember that they do not like people and noise, and they are also afraid of an unusual environment. Want to scare off unwanted neighbors? In this case, if you notice them, then turn on loud music or rumble, they will most likely leave and will not want to return.

How to handle hedgehogs

How to handle hedgehogs
Image by Amaya Eguizábal from Pixabay

If a hedgehog appears on the site, do not touch it with your hands. Firstly, it is not a pet and will not appreciate affection. Secondly, the animal may be rabid or a carrier of other diseases.

If the hedgehog climbed into the house, it must be removed from there, wrapped in a thick cloth or covered with a bucket. In extreme cases, you can take it in your hands, wearing thick gloves. Gloves and cloth should be boiled or burned after contact.

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