What is the best dust mop for vinyl floors

The choice of floor coverings today is very large, but many stop at vinyl tiles and boards. This option of finishing the floor has many advantages, including ease of care. But in order for the vinyl floor to last a long time, you need to know about some nuances.

Current cleaning

The best thing you can do for your vinyl floor is to dust, sweep and vacuum daily. Dirt and dust that accumulate on the surface, become like sandpaper, can lead to scratches. The vacuum cleaner must be used without attachments that can damage the coating. An old-fashioned soft mop is quite suitable, as is a microfiber cloth. You can find out further details here about the advantages of the mop and its additional functionality. Do not forget about the corners and areas under the furniture, where there is always the most dust.

You can wash vinyl floors simply with warm water and a mop with a sponge or rag. First, of course, you need to remove the dust, otherwise it will just «smear» on the floor. It is important to clean regularly, keep clean and immediately clean up all spilled liquids.

General cleaning

The problem is that after a while the usual cleaning for the vinyl floor is not enough. Dirt gets eaten in anyway. Therefore, periodically you need to carry out general cleaning of your floor covering. It’s easy to do — a glass of ordinary vinegar on a bucket of hot water. With this composition, the floors are perfectly washed, they begin to shine. Vinegar, by the way, disinfects surfaces, which is important.

If you had a party, the children spilled something, the dog came in from the yard with dirty paws, wipe the dirty place with a soft sponge with dishwashing detergent. This will be quite enough.

The main thing when choosing a mop is to pay attention to the fact that it is soft, then no scuffs will form.

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