How to stop dogs digging in garden?

If you have a dog, surely it has dug not a single hole in your garden. Dogs can dig for various reasons: as the result of boredom, because they have smelled another animal, because they want to hide food, because it calms them or they are looking for moisture. Here are useful tips and recommendations that will help to wean your pet to spoil beds, lawns, flower beds.

Spend more time with your pet
Image by freestocks-photos from Pixabay

Spend more time with your pet. They also need care and attention. Men’s best friend may realize that when it makes digging holes in your land area, it gets more of your attention, even though this attention is not positive. Use sharper (but not destructive) ways if the dog endures digging. Blow a small inflated balloon. An unpleasant clap from a ball that burst when digging, will reduce its pleasure from the process.

need care and attention
Image by Lars Forseth from Pixabay

You can be more creative and install a motion sensor in the place where the dog usually digs the ground. The sensor will automatically turn on the sprinkler or a loud sound as soon as the dog moves toward the “forbidden zone”.

Use citrus skins to protect the territory. Numerous dogs in UK really don’t like the smell of orange, lemon or grapefruit. Make a sandbox for the pet in the garden, where it will be allowed to investigate. Stimulate your dog to play in it, and not on a forbidden territory. The industry offers a huge variety of ultrasonic devices designed to scare away animals. There are pocket options and stationary ones. You need to choose a model that produces a frequency of at least 21 kHz.

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