Buying prepared vegetables: undeniable advantages

Vegetables are a product, without which it is difficult to imagine the diet of a modern person. They are the basis for salads, soups and many other dishes. They are used to prepare side dishes, snacks, and even a simple sandwich or burger cannot be imagined without prepared vegetables.

Fresh vegetables are most beneficial if they are on the table literally immediately after picking in the garden. But of course, this is not possible for most city dwellers, so you can buy ready-made vegetables, for example, peeled parsnip, carrot, potatoes, etc. bought from farmers.

Which vegetables are best to always buy fresh? Not all vegetables can be frozen well. Cucumbers and zucchini, tomatoes, which are also very attractive frozen, often turn bitter or lose their shape after cooking.

It has long been calculated that it is economically unprofitable to engage in gardening in the country.

Planting potatoes in the country is definitely not profitable! The store one turns out to be about five times cheaper than the one that was planted in the country.

The cost of tomatoes is comparable to store prices. But you will definitely have to spend your summer vacation at the dacha – you cannot leave tomatoes.

It is most profitable to plant cucumbers – they come out three times cheaper than store ones. But they again need constant care. And the cost of greenhouses is rather big!

Thus, buying ready-made vegetables, you save your time and money. Why should we count expenses and income? Why should we count the expenses for the dacha and the income from it? To run your farm more efficiently, knowing where your weak points are. To remodel and modernize it. Perhaps it is worth, for example, abandoning the potato field and replacing it with something more profitable, and buying the missing vegetables fresh, even peeled, from the same farmers like you.

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