How many calories does gardening burn?

Gardening can be compared to useful exercises performed almost effortlessly. Working in the backyard is not as tedious as, for example, the same visits to the gym. However, the amount of energy expended in this case turns out to be almost the same. Consequently, a person receives considerable benefits for the body. In just an hour of gardening burn includes 600 kcal. Studies show that gardeners have significantly lower BMI (body mass index) than others. It involves almost all muscle groups and gives a good physical load. These are the most popular activities in the garden:

Digging up the ground with a shovel

How many calories burned we have: 300-350 kcal/30 min.

Such activities can be quite attributed to the category of sports – energy consumption in such work is far from being a joke. For comparison, when running at an average pace and a pulse of 140 beats per minute, you can spend 600 kcal / per hour.

What is involved: the lumbar spine, shoulders, biceps, most of the shoulder girdle as auxiliary muscles.

Chopping wood with an axe

How many calories are burned: 250-300 kcal/30 min.

What is involved: the widest muscles of the back, triceps, abs, most of the shoulder girdle.

Cutting the grass with scythe

How many calories are burned: 300 kcal/30 min.

What is involved: the widest back muscles, abs, the entire shoulder girdle.

 Lawn mowing

How many calories are burned: 100 kcal/30 min.

What is involved: shoulder girdle, pectoral muscles, triceps, glutes.

In order not to overwork yourself, do not forget about a few rules:

  • wear hat and closed clothes;
  • use sunscreen;
  • drink water more often – this is especially important in summer.


How many calories are burned: 150-200 kcal/30 min.

What is involved: lumbar spine, trapezius muscle, biceps.

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