Where do garden birds sleep at night?

With the onset of spring until autumn, the garden is filled with dozens of birds and insects. Many of them are good helpers for gardeners. Since they destroy pests of vegetable, fruit and berry crops and also maintain soil fertility. Besides, is it possible to imagine a full-fledged garden in UK without the chirping of birds and the buzzing of bees? Such a garden seems empty and impoverished. If you go out at night in London to see off guests or take a walk with your dog and hear loud and joyful birdsong – do not fear. This is a Robin, a small bird with a large red spot on its face, neck and chest.

Image by Michael Kauer from Pixabay

Have you ever wondered where do birds sleep at night or hide during thunderstorms, rain? If you read somewhere that they sit in nests, be aware, this is fiction. The nest serves for a very short time and only for the breeding period. The bird always has its reliable and very warm bed, i.e. plumage, with it. As shelters from the weather and for sleeping, most uk birds choose the crowns of dense trees or shrubs. While the waterfowl breeds feel the most secure among the wide water surface. City sparrows sleep, gathered in a flock, on tree branches and in dense bushes, sometimes under the roofs of houses, in ivy-covered walls.

Bluebirds sleep, as a rule, singly, in hollows, birdhouses, old nests of other birds, on tree branches closer to the trunk, in the crowns of dense trees, sometimes under window frames and roofs.

brown bird standing on gray rock
Photo by Arseny Togulev on Unsplash

And how do these animals manage to rest in such uncomfortable poses? And why do they not only stay on one leg, but also do not fall from the twigs? Everything in nature is provided for. Scientists say that thanks to a special device of the muscles on the legs, the fingers squeeze the branch automatically as soon as they touch the branch.

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