8 Steps To Making Cooking Less Stressful

Creating a meal that pleases your family or friends can be an exhausting experience. Then there’s the cleaning up afterward! It can be quite a tiresome affair…though that needn’t be the case. Preparation and planning, as with other tasks, are perhaps the most important aspects.

Apply these simple suggestions to help organize your meals. You’ll likely be surprised at just how effortlessly a meal can be had and cleaned away. You’ll additionally find that you’re better able to maintain a clean and organized kitchen area.

1. Plan ahead. The more you do so the easier it’ll be when the times comes to perform.

2. Organize your kitchen. Having kept certain things in a certain place for a long time doesn’t mean that it’s the best place for them. Move your most often used items to spots nearest where you most often stand and give away any utensils or appliances that no longer get used.

3. Keep a plastic grocery bag on the counter where you cook. Do so, and you can drop all the garbage straight in there, rather than having it build up and get scattered around. Once you’re done, then you just need to make a single trip to the garbage can.

4. Put ingredients away straight after you finish with them. Spend some time cleaning up whilst cooking and you will be surprised at how much more manageable the state of your kitchen is when you’re done.

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5. Buy in bulk where possible. Keep dry goods on hand that you know you will use frequently in order to minimize the likelihood of last-minute grocery store trips.

6. Clean a dish here or there. There will always be some dishes to wash after everyone is done eating, but if you can clean at least of few of the dishes used in the preparation while you’re simmering or in between stirs, there will be less.

7. Set the table as early as possible. If this task is out of the way early it is one less thing competing for your attention whilst you’re cooking.

8. Delegate. Ensure that family members know prior to eating what is expected of them i.e. doing the dishes, clearing their plates, etc.

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