Features of the traditional English tea Party

The classic way of a peaceful and relaxing time over a cup of tea has always been a traditional English tea party. In 1664 the British East-India company presented to King Charles II an outlandish gift — dried leaves of Indian tea. The value of the gift also increased due to the astronomical fees which tea was taxed upon import.

Later the wife of Charles II, Catherine declared the tea as an official Royal drink and ordered to serve it in exquisite porcelain cups. The Palace servants were terrified to split thin porcelain with boiling water and first added a few tablespoons of milk to the cup. Hence, this famous British tradition: first pour milk in the cup, and then tea.

There was a famous ceremony of afternoon English tea party — “Five O’clock”. It appeared in 1840 thanks to the 7th Duchess of Berford, Anna. Between early lunch and late dinner, which was served after 8 PM, she managed to feel hungry. Then she was ordered to serve tea with milk, in addition to various sweets. Soon this habit conquered the tastes of the privileged class and has become an integral part of the Victorian era, and also entered the national culture of the British tea party. The English have a special relation to tea ware. Most often it is represented by a tea set. Classic English tea service includes more than thirty items. Everyone is served tea with a cup and saucer (preferably porcelain). Bowls are unacceptable for English tea. These were the British, who came up with the idea to attach a pen to the Chinese bowl and make it into a modern cup. Later, by the request of the British, the Chinese manufacturers of porcelain began to make saucer for each cup in order not to drip on drops of hot tea on the knees and a white tablecloth. A good host always has at least 10 varieties of tea, consistently offering Еarl Grey, Assam and of course various tea blends.

To achieve harmony with yourself, to surprise your loved ones, stop and look at the world is actually much easier than it seems. The only thing is needed to do is to brew a delicious tea.

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