The Victorian classic interior design in the United Kingdom

The Victorian interior decor is one of the most popular designs in modern Europe. Victorian houses are beautiful, historically special, because they carry the spirit of the Victorian era of its splendor, pathos and marvel.

Such interior was created under the influence of the Victorian era. The emergence of this era is directly related to the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 until 1901. The dominion of the Queen was marked by the birth of the chic and shine in all spheres of life, and most importantly in the interior. At that time every Englishman wanted to demonstrate his wealth. The style was formed on the frame of eclecticism, which carries shades of the Gothic, the Rococo era, some classic and few drops of the exotic East. It means that designers can use all these styles in one room and share them to several rooms.

The basic starting point for decorating any Victorian interior is a painting that has a special specific, because the color palette of its structure plays an important role. The specifics are that one needs to achieve not just solid colors, but the color of “antique” style, which is not easy for every specialist, because they have to play with the shades.

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There are several colors, which belong to palette: dark red, dark green and of course gold and all of them combine well together. One can use different colors on different walls or different colors in different rooms, but it is also possible to experiment with different shades of the above colors on one wall. Neutral colors are also used in classic Victorian interior: pink, soft pastel colors, burgundy and lilac.

Floor from the natural wood is the best choice for the Victorian style, but it’s also likely to use laminate flooring or tile with an interesting pattern. The window is often made in Gothic style. Doors are preferably of natural wood with the use of inlays of gold, brass or painted in gold metal.

When designers create a Victorian style, they don’t even think about using modern hardware, they need real Victorian classic furniture. It should be made of wood of expensive dark woods and be solid and sturdy. Some may find it at the antique shop.

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