5 Great Apps for Parenting

Whether you’re the first-time parent or a veteran, it’s good to take up a little device that is available on your handphone which can actually help you to relax and become a more organized, knowledgeable and time-efficient parent. However, that’s the utility of an Android. These apps definitely won’t make you a better parent but can make your life easier. The apps listed below have been compiled from the eyes of a parent, so need not to worry about the usefulness of these apps. Hundreds of Android apps are there to help you with everything at the time of parenting but I am giving you only those which are more than enough.

1. Parenting tips

Being a parent can be a tough job and at the same time gaining the ability to rise up a family is also very tough. You can use some helpful tips and guides with this parenting tips app where you can get daily parenting tips, ideas, instructions, guides, articles and much more, straight on your Android phone. It has a collection of 24 video on Parenting Tips like how to get your toddler to sleep and how to train toddler when to when to potty and how to deal with toddler tantrums and many more.

2. Baby Boom – Parenting Game

Play Baby Boom game and forget the world, save the cheerleader and save the world. All you have to do here is rescue your baby from the sharp shards as they explode around the little tyke. Babies crawl out of there cribs and it’s up to you to put them back in their place! Come on make it fast. You must have FLASH 10.1 installed for this game if not it won’t even function.

3. Kids Jokes

Enjoy Kids jokes for children which even parents can find it very funny. You get a chance to share hundreds of funny and clever jokes with your kids. These jokes are sure to make your child laugh continuously for hours together! Still, what are you looking and waiting for? This is the right app for Kids jokes, so go get it and find your child laughing right in front of your eyes.

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4. Pocket Pediatrics

I can say it’s the ultimate app for parents as this application contains a lot of information regarding the common illnesses, scenarios and concerns that are frequently faced by the parents. It has three sections where the main section of this app is given by frequent symptoms and problems. The second section of this app includes detailed descriptions of newborn care, common developmental milestones of each age group. The final section has references to the best books and websites about parenting. Links are even included to a companion twitter site for regular updates. This app on your android can make you stay calm and cool as you can refer anytime anywhere in an emergency.

5. Parenting info

Being a good parent is the most important job you get to fulfill in your life, it can happen only if you have good knowledge to educate your child. This app provides you with news stories and advice from different parts of the world. I hope that Parenting info app is a very useful app on an android phone of those parents who really bothers about their children.

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