Difference between love and fear

Unlike fear, love comprises of various stages and levels each having and possessing its own characteristics and dimensions under which it is dealt with. It begins with the simple admiration process which transforms into likeness for a person. When likeness exceeds its apogee, it is then marked by the replacement of love. When love crosses its limit, it transforms into obsession and when obsession crosses its limit it becomes worship. In comparison to this, an emotion like fear is strong enough to support itself without the presence of any categories or sub-divisions.

On the other hand, as love ascends through each of these stages the element of fear accompanying it and the intensity of possession increases with each stage which somewhere some also encourages the intervention and proliferation of the fear element that plays an integral role in shaping up the visage of the relationship. It is when love exceeds its designated and demarcated boundaries that the element of fear and intensity of possession begins to take control in it and hence a stable relationship begins to turn corrosive. Another important feature that I think needs to be provided attention when discussing this topic is which of these emotions is easier in terms of execution? Either is it love or fear. I think without any doubt my answer would lie in the affirmation of fear.

It is quite easy to make someone fearful as it provides the other person with authoritative leverage through which he can easily suppress others and make them do what he desires them to do. The same situation, when applied for love, takes a very different mode. When you love someone you provide him with either an equal status or position or even above than your own status which is something very tedious and indigestible for some.

Therefore I think that in terms of exercise it is the emotion of fear that can easily be practiced upon someone by either beating him or her physically or simply making an intimidating attempt, but the kindness, cognizance, and affection that loving a person demands is very difficult to do and therefore it is the status of love that will always remain at a higher level than fear.

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