Holiday party ideas

  • What kind of candle to put in the cake? Decorative cake sparklers should be securely fixed in a soft biscuit, otherwise they can ruin the holiday, for example, fall during the process of blowing them out. The most convenient are models with a plastic mini-stand with a side, which is equipped with a small sharp spike. Such candles can be easily and quickly inserted into the cake, and removed after the solemn blowing out. In this case, the cake will hardly be spoiled, and the side of the stand will not allow the wax to spoil the icing. Another practical option is with a skewer that sticks out of the candle.
  • The secret of success of any entertainment event is its pleasant originality. To create such an event, invite the Portsmouth Magician. The magician-illusionist will show magic tricks, from which the guests of the event will be delighted! He can not only surprise and show tricks, but also skillfully joke and amuse the guests of the event.
    For tricks, bright, original props are used, which by its very appearance arouses the interest of both large and small companies. Just call or write an e-mail and the magician will appear at your birthday or corporate party, wedding or house party. Surprise everyone with magic at once!
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