The use of Scottish tartan in home interior

Fabric made of wool, which is better known under the name “tartan” is a typical textile of Scottish national clothes. Nobody will ever confuse it with another, as the fabric has a specific important feature: constant checkered pattern, which is formed by colored lines that intersect vertically and horizontally.

A long time ago in different parts of Scotland craftsmen wove fabric with a clearly defined tartan. Each master had his own type. Varieties of these plaids were recorded in a special register, so that at the sight of the tartan it would be possible to determine the small home of specific Scottish Highlander. And today, from a dense tartan fabric tailors sew blankets, coats, suits and kilts.

This fabric is also particularly relevant in the design of interiors. The sofas in the plaid, similar to the colors of curtains with tie backs, even the floors in the red-black hem — tartan creates a more effective design of such facilities. The use of the Scottish tartan is particularly justified in areas with a “male character”. This can be a business office or room of a teenage boy. Quite often tartan is used in the interior of the country style. Any plain fabric will be perfectly in harmony with the tartan. While it is recommended that its color should match one of the shades that are used in the creation of the background and the plaid. Valid combination with ornaments and large images is also possible. The plaid will help to arrange the bedroom if to decorate the walls. Organic and stylish it looks in the autumn, when one can hang the plaid curtains and lay a tartan on the sofa. Autumn picture can be complemented with candles in the same hues, which are present in textiles.

Today consumers are provided with 4000 varieties of plaid. And this list is completely open. That’s why the opportunities for applying a unique form of tartan in different spaces are really huge!

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