Tips For New Dads

Becoming a dad for the first time can not only be exciting but also very frustrating. Let’s face it, the mom gets most of the attention and dad can start to feel left out.

But, in the long run, dad will come out looking like a hero for being the good guy during all of the trials and tribulations.

During those few days mom and baby need to stay in the hospital, dad is left alone in the evening at home wondering what to do.? Truth be told, you need to get the house ready for mom and baby to arrive. She will be tired and cranky.

And, she will expect the house to be clean for baby. This responsibility will most likely fall onto your shoulders for the first few weeks. Once mom gets her bearings back, things will get back to some sort of normal.

The next thing is that it is imperative for you to be upbeat and emotionally positive at all times. Mom is going to feel drained and tired all of the time. If something does not go just right, she may feel as if it is her fault in some way. This is where you step in and let her know that she is being the best mom and she is doing a great job.

Even though you may not see it this way, changing diapers is just as important as giving the baby a bath. This is a special time that you and baby get to spend together and bond. So don’t turn your nose up when it is time to change a diaper. Another tip is to find your own groove with the baby. Mom can settle him down by breastfeeding but you are not that lucky. Find what works for you.

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Next, snuggle with mom. Sex may not be there yet but snuggling will make her feel good. Get your family and friends to help out and find ways to keep baby occupied. Both of these things will make your life easier.

Last but not least, help out at night for bedtime and in the middle of the night, reach out to other dads for some helpful advice and, most of all, enjoy being a dad. They are not little for long so take advantage of it.

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