Letters and parcels are still alive: sincere mailing

Previously, people went to the post office to send a parcel, a telegram and, of course, a letter. Another way of communication was either not available or expensive. With the development of computer and mobile technology, as well as the Internet, the situation has changed. Now, you just have to go to a social network, Skype, write an e-mail or use a mobile messenger to contact relatives or friends, even on another continent. Who needs post to send letters?

Nevertheless, letters, simple paper letters, are written as hundreds years ago. And the parcels are sent, not used by couriers or transport companies, they are now an alternative to postal service. Let’s be honest, sendings for your near and dear ones is a very emotional matter.  All this continues to exist. Is that a telegram, as a form of communication, has gone into oblivion, although the post office still provides such a service. There are international mail services like UPS or DHL, but their services are used more by companies, rather than ordinary citizens.

Many senders complain that some fragile things along the way can go bad: “No one is responsible for what you send. One can only dream of a careful attitude to the shipped box,” they say. However, this does not apply to Parcelforce 48 dropoff service, because this organization works efficiently and takes care of the contents of each package. It understands that every parcel is a piece of your soul that you send to your loved ones.

Post offices are also being transformed, especially in large cities: computers, electronic queue, mobile application, tracking mail, air conditioners in offices. Didn’t you pay attention to those little things? All this speeds up the process, and makes visiting the post office comfortable.

There are undeniable advantages for post, which make people go there:

  • Cost of services. Mailing anything is much cheaper than any other way. Sometimes the cost of shipping and delivery services in other services exceeds the cost of postal services tenfold.
  • There are post offices in every city, in many villages and villages. In large cities, moreover, each microdistrict has its own post office. It is more convenient and faster to get to the branch than to look for a transport company or call a courier, even if a person is willing to invest in these communication methods.
  • It is not always possible to send something in other ways than mail. Indeed, in the villages and small towns there are simply no couriers and transport companies. And private couriers will not go to deliver something to other regions. And if a person needs to send a letter or parcel to another country, and even overseas? In this case, for the ordinary citizen there is no alternative but mail delivery.
  • This is commonplace. Many people who use post offices are older people. Everything is clear and familiar to them there. They do not want to change what they have long been accustomed to.


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