Taking care of your home – take care of your smile

After repairing and arranging your cozy nest, it is now worth taking care of your health. You need to start with the oral cavity, because you need to meet guests with a wide smile. Dentist in Crawley will take care of it.

It so happens that the dentist heals not what is really needed, but what he can. We come to the dentist surgeon – he says that you need to be operated on. We come to the orthodontist – he says that you need to put braces. The main feature of a good doctor is that he does not treat caries or occlusion. He treats a specific person, having all the diagnostic capabilities.

Imagine a patient comes and complains about his lower teeth. They fit on top of each other and it’s ugly. An experienced doctor should see more than just “ugly”. After all, such problems with the lower jaw lead to a change in the position of the head and neck. And what do we end up with? Poor posture, displacement of the cervical vertebrae and the entire spinal column. A good doctor must understand and correct all this.

What does a person who has a headache do? Of course, he doesn’t go to the dentist. He goes to a therapist or a neurologist, he starts doing an MRI, looking for reasons. And according to statistics, 60% of tension headaches are associated with an incorrect position of the teeth. A good doctor will cure your teeth and relieve you of pain or, for example, sleep apnea. After all, it can often develop just because of the wrong occlusion.

The doctor must know a lot in his specialization. And it’s one thing to go to conferences, and another to take serious advanced training courses. Be sure to check out your dentist’s list of educational achievements!

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